Teresa Dufour is the host of CT Style, a lifestyle program featuring guests ranging from authors to accountants to artists. Teresa leads cooking segments, features musical groups, explores fashion and design trends, and covers hot topics that affect our communities. CT Style airs every weekday at 12:30pm on WTNH, News 8. WTNH is the top-rated news station in the New Haven marketplace (28th in the United States).

Teresa has been working in the news and entertainment industry since 2003. She started off behind the camera, and worked her way up from the assignment desk to the news desk.

After Teresa graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2001 with her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism, she worked at a variety of radio stations throughout the state. She anchored and reported daily newscasts for KISS 95.7 and Westwood One Radio Network. 

In 2004, Teresa got her big great break when she was offered a job in Monroe, Louisiana. She packed up her bags and moved to the Pelican state to become a reporter and anchor for KTVE and KARD.  She became the quintessential Louisiana reporter, enjoying the culture, lifestyle and even hosting the local Mardi Gras parade. But she also covered some very serious news stories, including the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that devastated the area.

When she was offered a job back in her home state in 2006, Teresa jumped at the chance. WFSB Channel 3 hired Teresa as their morning traffic reporter and correspondent on Better Connecticut, a daily lifestyle show. Then in 2010 Teresa made the career move to WTNH, where she is today.

A native of Middlebury, Teresa is very proud of her close-knit Italian family. She is very close to father, her mother, her younger brother and younger sister. On New Years Eve of 2013, Teresa said yes to her husband, Brandon Dufour. Brandon is an award winning entrepreneur, leading companies like The Next Street. Teresa and Brandon are proud parents to their son Dante and daughter Angelina.

Want to know more? Connecticut Publicity guru (and Teresa's best friend) Skye DeMicco from SkyeLine Studios sat down with Teresa to get a little more information for the fans. Here are the results:

Q: You were a traffic reporter for years, but do you actually like to drive?

A: My friends will tell you that I love to drive, and I love fast cars! I drove a Lotus during a shoot for the Skip Barber Racing School. That was awesome. I even flew two planes on air – a prop plane called a Cessna, and a B52 Bomber!

Q: What was your first car?

A: Portofino Blue 1997 Ford Probe

Q: What’s your dream car?

A: Porsche Carrera 910 Yellow Convertible

Q: What do you drive now?

A: 2018 Cadillac XT5

Q: Have you ever run out of gas?

A: Yes. 3 times!

Q: Is it hard being in the spotlight?

A: Sometimes it’s strange being out with my friends and I realize that my picture is being taken. But I love my fans and am always grateful for their support. I’m a chatty person so I enjoy meeting viewers! A cool, but unusual thing that I experienced was when I took my new job at WTNH. My move from WFSB to WTNH was the most talked about news story of 2010 in Connecticut. Everyone was asking me why I left, if I was upset or happy, etc. It was weird to realize that so many people cared. The reality is that I got a wonderful job offer and I took the opportunity. No crazy story or anything, so the news frenzy died down after awhile.

Q: I heard that you received a unique recognition…

A: My mother thinks I’m unique and great, but that’s her job. Ha. I’m not sure… a “unique recognition?”

Q: It has to do with an award for being good looking…

A: Ohhh - I received the Top 10 Hottest TV Traffic Reporters in the country from Jalopnik in 2011. Ha. It’s so embarrassing but really pretty flattering! Another funny award is that the station I worked for in Louisiana was voted “Worst New Set in America.”

Q: Who’s your favorite designer?

A: I do a lot of mixing and matching when it comes to clothes, but I do love a pair of Christian Louboutins on my feet. 

Q: Favorite beverage?

A: Red wine.

Q: ALL red wine? Or any certain varietal?

A: CT Wine Trail red! That was definitely one of my favorite stories! Yum.

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A: The Amalfi Coast

Q: It’s hard to tell from TV, how tall are you?

A: I’m not quite 5’1”… YET

Q: Do you think that you’re still growing?

A: You never know! Heels help.

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: Purple

Q: How about music, who’s your favorite singer?

A: Do I have to pick just one?

Q: Nope!

A: It’s a tie between Gaga and Britney. I danced on stage with Britney once!

Q: What’s your favorite song?

A: Beautiful Day, by U2

Q: Speaking of beauty, what’s your best trick?

A: Hair extensions!

Q: Do you have any secrets for speaking on air and preventing jitters?

A: Ever since Louisiana, I would pretend that I’m talking to my Mom. It really works to help me feel more warm and comfy.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing TV moment?

A: I said sh*t on air! I didn’t realize it, I was off camera and didn’t realize my mic was still on. The FCC wasn’t very happy with me. 

Q: What’s your weirdest TV moment?

A: Having a goat as a guest on set was a little weird, ha. I also interviewed some wild buffalo. 

Q: What’s the biggest perk of working in television?

A: I have the privilege of meeting so many interesting people every day. But I also get some pretty cool swag sometimes! An artist created an Andy Warhol’esque portrait of me once! Did I mention the CT Wine Trail? Yum. Oh – and then there was the time that I got an apartment make-over with all new furnishings and décor. It was very bright and daring with tons of reds and greens. 

Q: What’s the most fun you ever had at work?

A: Well, I’ve done some pretty adventurous stunts for the sake of television! I flew like Peter Pan at Newington High School once to try out some new equipment, that was pretty fun! I also geared up with the Connecticut Rollergirls and practiced with the state’s only all-girl football team, Connecticut Crush! But the real answer – is the day that I met my husband, Brandon Dufour, on CT Style. It changed my life.